Why is Teeth Cleaning Important for My Pet?

    Dogs and Cats accumulate plaque, build tartar and suffer from gum disease just as people
    do.  Gum disease is one of the most common disease in Dogs over the age of 3.  Studies
    indicate the percentage of  Dogs and Cats who suffer from serious gum disease have more
    severe microscopic damage in their kidneys, liver and heart than those pets who's oral
    hygiene was maintained on a regular basis.

    Do My Pets Need Their Teeth Cleaned?  What Do I Look For?

    *Bad Breath
    *Brown or Yellow Build Up On Tooth Surface
    *Dropping Food Out Of Mouth While Eating
    *Loss of Appetite
    *Sensitivity Around Mouth/Pawing at Face
    *Irritation/Imflamation/Bleeding Gums
    *Loose or Missing Teeth
    At Smart Mouth we encourage dental check ups  with your
    veterinarian at least once a year.